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What is Domain name?

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What is Domain name?


Start with a Domain Name

Every thing in web hosting or on internet starts with a domain name.With easy and free templates you can start. your own site. Make a design of your site register a domain name and you are ready to go. start with a domain name domain name with .com is just start from $11.99/year and it is free with our major hosting packages.

Mail Forwards

you can create alot of free mail forwards like which you can set redirected to other exist email accounts. By this you can use your web hosting or any web professionally. This awesome deal is totally free. You need to just create and take rest all your emails in this all emails instantly forwards to your chose address.

DNS Management gives you a free domain manage panel with every domain name while it is only for 1 year. In your manage panel you can change Name servers like ,  you can put your hosting name servers here and if you have no name servers only ip address you can use default dns to add records of your ip address in your domain to appoint your domain at your suitable host.

Theft Protection (Domain Lock) gives you a free domain lock option which is called as domain theft protection by locking your domain it benefits you alot. if your domain name is locked no one can move or steal your domain accidentally. So it is only recommended to put your domain name always on lock. Remember gives you free Domain Theft Protection while other companies charges from $1 to $20 or more.

Privacy Protection

Many companies take fees to protect your privacy on but will give this awesome function totally free. you can your self adjust free privacy protection in your manage panel.

Bulk Features

By bulk features you can Register, Transfer, Renew and make other Main changes in multiple domains in single step which save your alot of time.

Easy of Control gives you very easy control panel. From which you can renew register transfer and do other dns managements easily.

Anti-spam Protection (outGoing) Business Dedicated Servers

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Anti-spam Protection (OutGoing)

anti spam servers

This post provides the recommendations pertaining to outgoing mail out of your server towards web. These kinds of procedures have to be put into practice which means that your mail, Do not get obstructed, or perhaps marked as spam by simply i9host or perhaps additional anti-spam protection agencies.

Why Each and every clients apply protective measures to outgoing messages?

For every IP available with i9host products and services, as an internet service provider, will register and reserve it with organizations such as RIPE or ARIN. This means that we appear as the IP abuse contact for litigation in the WHOIS database.
If an IP is reported to organizations such as Spamhaus and SpamCop, which work to combat spam, malicious websites and phishing.

Therefore every network related to i9host we need to keep our reputation best as we can.

It is therefore important that takes care of the reputation, quality and security of the network, which also forms an important part of your service.

Is And How dost this protection System works.

Our contracts with other companies for business dedicated servers  is based on the Vade Retro anti-spam technology.

What you should do after you receive Spam Alert?

Important steps to take on receiving a block alert BEFORE the affected IP can be unblocked.

stop sending email (e.g. stop all mail software such as qmail, Postfix, Sendmail etc.)

check the email queue (e.g. qmHandle for q mail, post queue -p for Post fix)

analyses your logs using the Message-ID found in the block alert.

How you know that you are whitelisted?

It’s not at all possible to obtain a whitelisting, i.e filterly . any selection exemption for the outgoing emails from your server.
We could solely enable you while using logs diagnosis, should the Message-IDs are generally mysterious instead of part of your current genuine emails or even e-mail lists.

Bogus Positives

If you have checked along with found that Message-ID are from the legitimate email, you should then ensure that your email messages comply with the RFC and also the Best Practices indicated below. When they do comply, you can inform us by sending a sample of your email (including header). Our tech support team team will then assist you while using the next steps. Simply call our support line or call us via the email support interface as part of your manager.

RFC and Best Methods

RFCs (Request For Comments) are documents meant to describe technical aspects of the web. They are produced and published from the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), a gaggle which basically produces and defines standards.
For more information, discover: RFC, IETF and Internet Set up

Best practices are recommended methods which are often based on these documents and are intended to advise you on the ultimate way to proceed. In this instance, this means the basic rules to follow which means that your emails are not marked seeing that spam.

Sending Volume

If your outgoing email volume is extremely high, you are advised to:

reserve an IP block specific solely to email usage

provide an ‘abuse’ address on this block in order to receive complaints

configure reverses upon all IPs correctly

This operation will let you simultaneously isolate the IP and domain reputation in case you send emails for various fields, to receive the complaints, and thus do what is necessary to get unblocked by various organisations. It also enables you to locate a problem more quickly over a form that uses domain Times or Y, as the emails are not sent out of the same IP and don’t hold the same reverse.

Email Content

Avoid spammer keywords in your emails such as “buy” and “last chance”, and avoid capital letters, impersonal subjects, exclamation grades, and % discounts.
Don’t forgot to provide an unsubscribe link for many who have not requested to obtain your email or who believe it being illegitimate.
Be particularly careful to ensure your emails contain the sender’s deal with (or an alias), a subject, and a correct ratio connected with text, images and links systems of the message.
The text vs. image and text compared to. link ratio must be high. Don’t overload the email with hypertext links and avoid Java script.

FBL – Feedback Never-ending loop

This system will enable you to definitely follow up on feedback furnished by some internet service providers right, informing you that their people have marked your message seeing that illicit, and that it offers thus been classified as unsolicited mail. This will enable you to interact with these ISPs directly concerning the reputation. Some FBLs:




Outlook & dwell. com


Some authentication services let you protect your reputation.
anti spam servers

A message authentication technology developed by Ms which validates the authenticity of one’s domain name by verifying the IP address on the sender. This technology is good IETF standard: RFC4406

Sender Policy Framework is really a standard for verififying the domain on the sender. It is based on RFC4408 and involves adding an SPF or TXT field on the domain DNS, which contains the report on IPs authorised to send emails out of this domain.

Reverse DNS
Reverse enables your IP being “translated” into your domain. That allows the domain from the IP address to be located.
anti spam servers
DKIM This standard is usually described in RFC4871.
AOL, Google (Gmail) work towards this basis. Official website: DKIM

How to configure hosts for virtualization distributions for the bridge?

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How to Configure hosts for virtualization distributions for bridge.

What is this ???

I9host is to configure your Virtual Machine in bridge mode. Some changes need to be made ​​on the VM for a working network configuration. It will be shown in blue file names to edit (with vi, nano, pico …) and in his final content. Such configurations, fields need to be replaced, they will be red.

A dedicated server with VMware ESXi or Citrix Xen Server or Hyper-V Having assigned a mac to a virtual ip Fail Over Knowing how to connect ssh

Determining gateway of Houses

In order to configure Virtual Machines, you need to know the gateway to your host machine (nsxxx.i9host.cmo; …). To do this, you must change the last digit of the group ip of your machine. 254
You can find the IP of your machine directly into the email setup of the latter.egIP Server ( host): 123 456 789 012IP of the gateway of the host is nothing but the IP of your server ending with.254So: 123.456.789.254

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