i9host.com offers a unique range of Cheap Dedicated servers for amateur techies alike geeks want to discover or experience administering a dedicated infrastructure. Students, individuals or sysadmins beginners get expertise i9host.com at an unbeatable price.

Dedicated Servers RAM Storage cores/threads Price Order
Atom™ D425 1.8 GHz +
2GB 500 GB 1/2 $24.99
Atom ™ N2800 1.86 GHz + 4GB 2x 500 GB 2/4 $29.99 Order Now
Core ™ i3-2130 3.4 GHz + 8GB 2x 500 GB 2/4 $34.99 Order Now
Core ™ i5-2400 3.1 GHZ +
16GB 2x 500 GB 4/4 $44.99 Order Now
Core ™ i7-920 2.66 GHz + 16GB 4x 500 GB 4/8 $49.99
Xeon 2xE5530 2.4 GHz +
24GB 4x 500 GB 8/16 $54.99  

Extra ips: Not available with Budget Dedicated Servers Chose Preimum Dedicated Servers for extra ips

60 Operating Systems

Arch Linux
Ubuntu Server
Ubuntu Desktop

Control Panels & Prices

(licences not included)


i9host.com each dedicated contain unlimited reboots & re installations. you can request to install any software as listed above like centos, ubutun, Debian, Lamp as per you request for software it is quick process.

Ddos protection

i9host.com monitor your dedicated servers every time 24 hours a day 365 days a year. when ever your server get ddos it will automatically migrate your unuseable traffic connections to the firewall. Do not get worry this is free ddos protection for all our clients of dedicated servers.

Rescue Mode

you can request us to put your server in resque mode by this only you can access with root all other access has been gone when you want you can easily request us to back your server in normal poistion.

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